Body camera video shows JSO officers kill man who fired gun outside Philips Highway hotel

Another video released Thursday shows JSO shoot man suspected in father’s murder

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office on Thursday released two body camera videos showing two police shootings that happened in the last two months.

The first video released shows the fatal shooting of Javon Jones at a motel in San Marco on Nov. 5.

The Sheriff’s Office said police were sent to the Scottish Inns on Philips Highway about 3 a.m. after getting reports about a shooting. Three officers investigated and spoke with two people at the motel, who both said that they were fine and that no shooting had taken place, JSO said in November.

The video starts showing officers up on a second-floor walkway about to leave the hotel. Suddenly, the officers hear a gunshot come from the parking lot below and an SUV can be seen driving off. Police said the shot came from Jones, who shot the tail light of the SUV, but it’s unclear why.

After hearing the shot, officers quickly spin around and fire at Jones in the parking lot below while telling him to drop the gun.

Jones, who appears to be shot in the chest, tries to run away before he goes down and can be seen writhing in pain as officers yell commands. In the video, a gun can be seen on the ground next to him.

Jones died later at a hospital.

[WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT] Watch the video posted by JSO by clicking this link.

Video shows the moments when a JSO officer fired multiple shots at Eric Lackey who is suspected in his father's death. (Copyright 2022 by WJXT News4Jax - All rights reserved.)

Suspected murderer shot multiple times on Westside

The second video released Thursday shows the moments when a JSO officer fired multiple shots at Eric Lackey, a man suspected in the death of his father.

Officers were responding to reports of a shooting when they pulled up to a home in the Hyde Park area on Dec. 12.

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Shortly after one officer arrives, the video shows an officer holding a rifle yelling at Lackey multiple times, “Show me your hands, now! High up in the air!”

The officer then fires eight shots in the direction of Lackey, who was standing in the front doorway of the home.

Lackey can not be seen in the video at first, but after the shots are fired the officer moves in closer he yells, “Drop it now!” as Lackey screams in pain. Another officer yells that Lackey has a knife, but as the officer who fired the shots moves closer he says, “There is a gun next to him.”

As he is handcuffed, he tells the police he doesn’t want to live anymore. The video also shows a photo of the gun that was found next to him.

The gun JSO said was found next to Eric Lackey after he was shot by an officer. (Copyright 2022 by WJXT News4Jax - All rights reserved.)

Inside the house, JSO said, it found the body of Steven Lackey, his 67-year-old father.

At last check, Eric Lackey was still in critical condition in the hospital and has been charged with murder.

[WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT] The video clip, which is just over two minutes, can be viewed on JSO’s YouTube page.

JSO has released four body camera videos this week. Their release dates range from 10 days to two months since the shootings happened.

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According to a new policy announced this week by Sheriff T.K. Waters, JSO said it plans to release body camera videos within 21 days if the release doesn’t hamper their investigations.

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