JSO releases critical incident briefing of shooting involving police on Northside

Suspect dead, roads closed in Northside neighborhood amid police investigation, JSO says

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office on Thursday released footage from a shooting that involved police officers earlier this month on Lannie Road on the Northside.

The video presentation released in JSO’s critical incident briefing is 11 minutes and 38 seconds long, and it includes a 911 call that was made by the man who was shot — identified as Thomas Gray, 60 — drone video and body-worn camera footage.

On the call, Gray reportedly tells the dispatcher that he “is drunk. I have poor liquor and I have a loaded pistol and nobody is taking me anywhere without bloodshed. Do you understand?” The man continues, “The safety’s off and the hammer’s back.” He adds, “If an officer tries to come through the front door, I’m going to shoot him in the face.”

Drone video shows the man in the doorway on his hands and knees. He pushes the gun out, then picks it up and fires a shot. The video is blurred as he’s hit by return fire.

The body-worn camera footage is from a patrol officer in front of the house, not the SWAT team that was called. He and other officers are talking about sending the police robot in to get the gun. You can see the door to the house in the top right portion of the video. The man’s shot can be heard, followed by a volley of return fire.

The State Attorney’s Office is still conducting its criminal investigation into whether the shooting was justified.