‘Have you done 1 thing?’: Family of postal worker killed in dog attack wants accountability

Pamela Rock was mauled by 5 dogs that got out of fenced-in yard in August 2022

PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. – The family of a Putnam County mail carrier killed in a dog attack is pushing for accountability, now bringing their concerns to federal and local officials.

Pamela Rock’s siblings are outraged over what happened. They believe a series of bureaucratic missteps and an irresponsible dog owner contributed to the attack.

It’s been seven months since Rock died. Her car broke down while she was delivering packages. Dogs escaped their yard and attacked.

No one has been charged.

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After meeting with Putnam County officials a week ago, Rock’s siblings say, nothing has changed.

“I said, ‘Have you done one thing?’” said Rock’s brother, Dan. “Crickets.”

He added, “All we could get was, ‘Well, we’re working on it. We’re working on it.’”

The dogs’ owner tried to surrender them to animal control just days before the attack, but the shelter, which bills itself as no-kill unless the animals are dangerous, turned them away, saying they only accept surrenders in extreme cases.

Rock’s brother says he agrees with PETA’s call to start euthanatizing dogs at the Putnam County animal shelter when appropriate.

“I think we should protect the people more than the dogs,” he said.

Six months before the attack on Rock, the dogs escaped and put a neighbor in the hospital. Records show the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office responded and planned to forward the case to animal control, but that agency reported they were never notified.

“No one has taken responsibility of any department that has failed the community,” said Rock’s sister, Maria Rock-Risse.

The state attorney’s office decided not to prosecute the dog owner with recklessness after finding he had tried to get rid of the dogs and repair the fence.

The siblings met last week with staffers for Congress members Aaron Bean and Michael Waltz, who they say were helpful and suggested they ask state representatives to get involved.

They are now in the process of reaching out for a state-level investigation.

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