Justice Coalition continues to ‘Shoot for Justice’ to raise money for violent crimes victims

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Dozens gathered Saturday for a unique fundraiser to help the Justice Coalition complete its mission to help victims affected by violent crimes.

The 14th annual “Shoot for Justice” event took place at the Jacksonville Clay Target Sports on the Northside. About 10 teams and roughly 40 people participated in the clay shooting.

Every dollar raised helps the Justice Coalition serve victims of violent crime, something Andrea Crutchfield is an effort that saved her.

“We’re doing this fundraiser today to help people like me because the Justice Coalition, in my mind, saved me,” Crutchfield said.

The Justice Coalition helps victims and survivors of violent crime navigate the court system by accompanying them to court and helping them understand the court system for their specific case. The organization helps victims know their rights, negotiates their needs, and assists them with relocation if needed. Plus, it lends a listening ear to victims.

Crutchfield, who is a Justice Coalition board member, said she understands what it means to be a victim because her son, Brandon Blansit, was murdered in 2014.

Andrea Crutchfield's son, Brandon Blansit (Special to WJXT)

“Trust me when I tell you there are so many people that reach out to us. So many victims that need our support. It’s ever revolving,” Crutchfield said.

Justice Coalition’s Executive Director Robert Bracewell said having funding to help victims as they navigate their cases is everything.

“We need to help them all we can and make sure their needs are being met and honored. These people are going through things that you couldn’t imagine,” Bracewell said.

As a survivor herself, Crutchfield sends this message of hope:

“You feel like you’re walking around with cement shoes on,” Crutchfield said. “I just want to give people hope that through help, people in the community, family, friends and places like the Justice Coalition, you can survive this,” she said.

National Crime Victims Rights Week begins April 23 through the 29. Kicking off that week is the Tossing of the Roses event on April 24.

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