Hurricane season begins June 1, consumers urged to get supplies now

National Hurricane Preparedness Week highlights need to get ready early

Hurricane season officially begins June 1, but officials urge consumers to stock up on supplies now to make sure their families have what they need to avoid a mad rush at the store.

Officials also urge consumers to be mindful of the potential for tornadic activity.

According to the American Red Cross, families should have enough non-perishable food at home to last about two weeks. Those who choose to evacuate should have food supplies that are easy to prepare, like canned goods.

Hurricane season: Plan & Prepare

Families are reminded to check expiration dates if they have food items left over from the previous hurricane season.

Also, make sure to stock up on water, but never hoard.

Families should simply purchase enough water for their households. The recommendation is one gallon per person, per day in the household (3-day supply for those evacuating, 2-week supply for those staying at home).

Cleaning supplies, flashlights, extra chargers, first aid kits, and personal hygiene products are among the most important items to also have on hand. Extra batteries are highly recommended in case the power goes out for extended periods of time.

Also, when shopping, families should ensure they have enough necessary items for other family members. These supplies include baby supplies, diapers, wipes, and pet supplies. Toys and games are good to have as well.

Something consumers might not think about right away is medication for their families.

Important documents, insurance information, family contact information, extra cash, and other essential paperwork are also good to have on hand in case of an emergency.

To see the full list of recommendations from the American Red Cross, click here:

National Hurricane Preparedness Week 2023 lasts through Saturday.

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