Mayoral candidates hold 2 separate events as a push to gather more votes ahead of election day

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The candidates for the next mayor of Jacksonville spoke at separate events Monday night in an effort to garner more votes ahead of Election Day.

In the final days of the runoff election, the top of the ticket Democratic candidate Donna Deegan and Republican candidate Daniel Davis continue talking with people across the county to stress the issues.

“We have spent a year and a half in this campaign, knocking on doors, walking the neighborhoods, holding town halls and sharing our vision for a city that works for all of us and, and people seem very excited,” Deegan said at an event for seniors at a union hall.

Davis sat down with Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters for a conversation in front of supporters at a restaurant.

“As your next mayor. I’m going to make sure that we continue improving Jacksonville and we don’t lose our quality of life by making it an unsafe community,” Davis said.

Davis said a close relationship with the Sheriff should be a factor in the vote.

Deegan says everyone is concerned with the same issue.

“Public safety is obviously very important. I would love to see us not make it a partisan issue. I think it’s very, very important to all of us that we have safe streets and safe sidewalks and neighborhoods and and so I look forward to working with the sheriff and to working together on public safety,” Deegan said.

Davis also talked about his plan.

“I’m going to add 200 new officers to the streets for sheriff waters, and we’re going to reimplement the Jacksonville journey so we can make sure City Hall is listening to the community and communities coming into City Hall,” Davis said.

Both candidates said they’re confident in the outcome eight days from now.

“There are people that want to be here because Jacksonville is a great place to live. The sheriff was talking about that time, man. We’ve got great quality of life. We have to can you continue improving on that and make sure we don’t lose it,” Davis said.

“It seems like there’s a lot of energy around getting out to vote and I just, I can’t wait to lead this city. I’m very, very excited about it. And I hope that we get there on May the 16th,” Deegan said.

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