News4Jax is going ‘green’ for Earth Day! Are you?

News4Jax is going green for Earth Day 2021.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It’s Earth Day, and News4Jax is going GREEN -- literally -- in honor of the day. Our studio lighting will turn our sets green today to remind all of us how we can make Earth Day, every day.

Our news studios are more energy-efficient than ever before.

Saving energy reduces air and water pollution while conserving natural resources, which helps to create a healthier environment for all of us living on the planet.

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At News4Jax we have “green” studios, meaning the lights and monitors we use are energy efficient.

Before we started using LED lights and monitors, we used incandescent light bulbs that used 43 watts of energy versus the new LED bulbs that only require 9 watts, making them almost 500% more energy efficient.

That means our new lights require significantly less energy to produce the same amount of light.

Also, the old light bulbs generated a lot more heat, causing the station to use more air for cooling, but the new LED lights don’t generate nearly as much heat, allowing us to reduce the amount of cooling energy we have to use.

With our new lights and monitors, we’ve cut roughly half the energy required to run our studios.

Graham Media, our parent company, is doing its part to make the Earth a better place, too.

We are joining the “Covering Climate Collaborative” to inform and empower our viewers on the catastrophic effects of global warming and how to slow them down.

Our stations will join a national group of broadcasters, publishers, radio stations, and news sites to expand and deepen climate coverage.