LIST: Ways to make a Positively Jax difference in other people’s lives

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Is there any better feeling than doing something nice for someone else? The satisfaction that comes with doing a good deed or random act of kindness is often its own reward.

And that’s the kind of energy we’re trying to spread in 2021 as we embark on a Positively Jax campaign to make Jacksonville a better place and find ways to brighten other people’s days.

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If that sounds like your sort of thing, you’re in luck. We’ve stockpiled a list of suggestions for you to make a difference in someone else’s life this year. Below are some ideas:

  • Buy someone’s coffee (even just the car behind you at Starbucks);
  • Pick up a stranger’s tab for carryout, or pay for car behind you somewhere like McDonald’s;
  • Offer to pick up a neighbor’s groceries;
  • Rake a neighbor’s leaves or help with yard work;
  • Email a hospital, nonprofit group or business in town and ask if or how you could help;
  • Clean up a park or a beach;
  • Tip your bill;
  • Buy gift cards from a local business;
  • Volunteer to watch someone’s kids, if you’re able to and that feels safe to you;
  • If you sew, make or donate masks, or other other pandemic-related items;
  • Call the library and ask how you can help;
  • Donate blood or plasma;
  • Do a truly random act of kindness for someone else;
  • Find blankets around the house and drop them off at a homeless shelter in need;
  • Find kitchen items, clothing, etc., and drop things off at Goodwill or Purple Heart;
  • Give a gift or a card to your postal worker;
  • Scan your surroundings, next time you’re out: Who needs help with holding doors or reaching items on high shelves?
  • Make double next time you’re preparing dinner: Gift the other pan of lasagna to a neighbor;
  • Send someone a handwritten letter or a card.

Hopefully that helped you decide on one or two ways you can be of service. Once you’ve done your good deed, upload a photo to SnapJax or tell us what you’ve done using the form below: