‘No greater need’: Salvation Army red kettle campaign bell ringers bring back sounds of season

The Salvation Army red kettle campaign bell ringers return to local participating businesses, in an effort to raise money for the hungry and homeless.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – The sounds of the season! Starting Saturday, you can expect to start seeing and hearing the Salvation Army kettlebell ringers at local participating businesses.

Harold Pierce, 84, has been ringing bells for the Salvation Army for 19 years. And he still gets excited to sport a Santa hat and share the song in his heart.

“A number of people tell me that when they drive up in the parking lot and they hear the bells and hear me singing, it changes their whole day. And that makes me feel good,” Pierce said.

For Pierce, the decision to become a bell ringer didn’t happen overnight. But he can’t recommend it enough.

“If you’re a people person, then this is the perfect job for you,” Pierce said. “Because you get a chance to put smiles on people’s faces, and there’s nothing in the world like it.”

The money collected in the red kettles helps the Salvation Army continue its work helping the hungry and homeless.

But Maj. Keath Biggers said the work does so much more.

“Silver Bells, that song was written based on the Salvation Army bell ringing,” Biggers said. “So, it’s so iconic, and people say, ‘It’s good to see the kettles are out and the bells are ringing.’ And it reminds them that there is no greater need than what we have presently.”

Biggers said volunteers are still needed. The way to sign up is by going to registertoring.com.

The final bells will ring on Christmas Eve.

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