National Trivia Day with Trivia Nation | River City Live

January 4th is National Trivia Day. We celebrated by inviting Trivia Nation host John Crawford on the show to quiz Mark and Eden as though they were playing on a team at one of the company’s Team Trivia events.

Team Trivia events happen nightly at various venues around town. A complete listing can be found on the company’s webiste,

John asked Mark and Eden the following questions. How would you have done?

1. The Jacksonville Jaguars stadium has had 4 names including its current name. What are they? (and Gator Bowl is not one of them.)

2. Joe Biden will be the oldest US President, being 78 years old on inauguration day. On average, though, presidents are sworn in at what age?  You have a two year margin for error.

3. The 5th most populated country has 220 million people. The 6th most populated country has 212 million people, and the 7th most populated country has 206 million people. Name any one of those countries.

Here are the answers!

  • Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, Alltel Stadium, Everbank Field, and TIAA Bank Field
  • 55
  • Pakistan (5th), Brazil (6th) Nigeria (7th)