Breaking down what kind of retirement you can afford

There are many times in life we see something we want, but might have to settle for less due to financial reasons.

But what if you are in or near retirement?

The last thing you want to do after years of hard work is have to make difficult sacrifices.

People are often just focused on working hard and saving, but they don’t have a plan in place to grow, protect or distribute those savings successfully.

But there are ways to have a stress-free retirement. Here is a breakdown of the stages of retirement, according to Concierge Capital Management.

  • Go-Go Years. This is where grandparents travel the world to see their grandkids regularly.
  • Slow-Go Years. A stage where travel is more limited, such as to a family reunion.
  • No-Go Years. Where you aren’t going anywhere and grandkids come to you.

Retiree spending peaks in the early years and wanes over time, requiring a plan to adapt to those stages. Each stage has specific needs that should be addressed, making sure you portfolio can handle those needs.

Exact changes are based off each person’s needs.

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