Family fun board games with Spin Master Games

If you’re getting ready for quality time with family and friends during the holidays, what better way to have instant fun than with some new games? Spin Master Games has got you covered with their hottest new games for guaranteed fun!

1. Less is More

Age 8+ | 3-6 Players | MSRP: $19.99 | Available at Amazon & Walmart

Guess better with less letters. In this fun, competitive party game, pick a Guesser and a mystery word. Players write down the shortest clue to help the Guesser say the right word. So, if the word is “Umbrella,” your clue may be “Wtr stp” “Rihanna,” or “rain shade.” If the Guesser gets it right, both the Guesser and the player who gave the winning clue score points.

2. Sink N’ Sand

Age 4+ | 2-4 Players | MSRP: $19.99 | Available at Target & Walmart

Sink N’ Sand combines the iconic and mega-popular Kinetic Sand™ with a fun competitive twist! On a wild jungle adventure, Sink ‘n Sally, Sunk ‘n Duncan, Slip ‘n Sam, and Fall ‘n Fran come across sand unlike any they’ve ever seen. Before they can say “quicksand,” they’re falling in! To play, roll the die, pull a stick and repeat as more and more quicksand starts to fall. Explorers who fall are eliminated, but find the Redemption Ruby and get another chance at survival!

3. Mindful Classics Jumbling Tower

Age 8+ | 2+ Players | MSRP: $14.99 | Available at Amazon

Put your dexterity to the test in this classic game that’ll have you removing blocks and carefully placing them on top—without knocking the whole tower down! The storage case is made from FSC certified bamboo, and the colorful blocks are made from FSC certified wood.

4. Mindful Classics Chess & Checkers

Age 8+ | 2 Players | MSRP: $22.99 | Available at Amazon

Play the strategic classic games of chess or checkers with this beautifully designed two-in-one set that stores all the playing pieces inside. The gameboard case is made from FSC certified bamboo and the game pieces are made from recycled plastic.

The Mindful Classics line of Games for a Shared Planet™ delivers timeless family gameplay with sustainable and eco-friendly fun. Each game features thoughtfully designed product made from responsibly sourced materials and plastic-free packaging. Playsponsible: Spin Master is committed to creating magical play experiences for children and their families, while also being responsible custodians of the world these children will one day inherit.