Epic Outreach and Moonpie the pig

Have you ever met a piglet who can sit, spin, and shake? MOONPIE the pig is wowing everyone he meets and illustrating that pigs are highly intelligent, trainable, and super duper cute! EPIC Outreach is creating a magical space in Northeast Florida for not only helping farm type animals in need, but also sharing information to create a more compassionate community.

EPIC Outreach has been serving the planet since 2015 by teaching kindness through humane education outreach. In 2019 an education farm sanctuary was created on the north side of Jacksonville to connect people with rescued animals like horses, dogs, pigs, chickens, and cats. EPIC Outreach is committed to creating more compassionate communities through direct encounters with rescued animals who share their stories to inspire kindness and compassion. EPIC Outreach is a nonprofit organization fully funded by donations from the public. Please visit https://epicoutreach.org to learn more!