Spooktacular Halloween Costume Ideas with Goodwill

Believe it or not, the Halloween countdown is on! It’s less than 2 weeks until Halloween, so for this Thrifty Thursday, Liz Morgan with Goodwill of North Florida is here to give us some tips for finding your look at the thrift.

Shopping for a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be frightening for your bank account. Goodwill® stores carry everything you need to make your Halloween fantastic, without breaking your budget.

New Halloween costumes can start at about $30, but when you add in all the pieces and accessories, they can add up to more than $150. But you don’t need to spend that much to have big (and frugal) fun.

If you want to stand out for being smart and creative, Goodwill is a great option. Goodwill stores across the country have organized Halloween sections that include costumes as well as decorations. Prices vary, but it’s completely possible to get a head-to-toe costume for less than $20. And some stores even have brand new costumes, still in the package.

Here are a few steps to a thrifted Halloween:

Build Around A Standout Piece.

Start with whatever jumps out to you the most and then construct a Halloween costume around that piece. You may find your starter piece in the Halloween costume section, but be sure to circulate the entire store to find the rest of the outfit. You can even make a day of it and hit up more than one Goodwill store for more variety. You’ll now this piece when you see it.

Bring An Open Mind.

Just like when you’re making any trip to the thrift store, you have to realize that you may not find exactly what you were looking for. However, if you keep an open mind you just might find something even better. And keeping an open mind includes using items in unexpected ways – a lampshade a hat, bridesmaid dress for princess costumes, etc.

Keep It Simple.

If you’d rather keep it really simple, then start with something super basic. A simple black dress can go a variety of different ways, and so can an old graduation gown. A white graduation gown can be worn as either an angel or a ghost, while a black one can be used for a vampire cape, a witch, Harry Potter and more.

Going as a zombie is an excellent idea if you want something simple and don’t want to spend a lot. You can buy any piece of clothing from Goodwill and then just poke some holes and add some fake blood and dirt stains. Old wedding dresses are perfect for a zombie bride.

Pop Culture.

Pop culture characters are some of the easiest costumes to make from thrift store pieces, particularly those set in the 60s, 70s , 80s and 90s because you can find old clothes that match the fashion of that era.

Some ideas to make from thrifted clothing items include: Little Red Riding Hood, The Golden Girls, Cruella Deville, Barbie, Wednesday from The Addams Family.

Hive Mind. Shop with a group of your most creative friends – often times a fresh set of eyes can see things you can’t, and vice versa.

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