How to prepare your car for hurricane season

FOLKSTON, Ga. – With two named storms taking aim on the Gulf of Mexico this week, it’s a reminder to think about a storm’s potential at home.

Thousands of people hit the roads to leave flood-prone areas of coastal Louisiana ahead of the storms. On Monday morning, I went to the Farmers and Builders Ace Hardware in Folkston, Georgia, and found some items off the shelf that could help you in the event of an evacuation.

First is fuel. Without it, you’re not evacuating anything. Make sure your gas tank is full and that you have a couple of full gas cans. Remember, it is OK to store fuel cans in your trunk, but not advised in the cabin of your car, SUV or minivan. In those cases, you may need hitch storage or a roof rack.

With the threat of storm debris on the ground, then you should think about your tires. A patch or plug kit and a pump may come in handy in the event you get a hole in your tire. Canned tire sealers and inflators are great in an emergency, too, but the mess when you change the tire will be an issue. If you do or have used a tire sealer, make sure you let the person working on the tire know, as some of the products are flammable.

Next is keeping up with information and weather reports. You can add keeping the children entertained here, as well. Most new cars have plenty of plugs for power, including USB. If your vehicle does not, there are many ways to get and share power for your information and entertainment devices.

Lastly, a tool kit with a strong working flashlight, jumper cables and some assorted wrenches and sockets should complete your evacuation kit. I always load this last when packing. The last thing you will want to do is unpack a truck or storage pod to get to the tools you need.

The folks at the Farmers and Builders Ace Hardware or your neighborhood Ace Hardware will be happy to help you Build a Kit That Fits.

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