Fox Network takes shot at Jacksonville, Jaguars fans

Anthony Anderson taking a shot at Jacksonville and Jaguars fans on a Fox Network NFL pregame show. (WJXT 2021)

As if the loss to the Texans wasn’t tough enough, Fox Network and actor Anthony Anderson took a shot at Jacksonville and Jaguars fans during the pregame festivities on the network.

Anderson sang a parody song with the theme, “Return of the fans.” When singing of NFL fans being back in the stands the lyrics went like this:

“The fans are back to go crazy ... And get drunk like Tom Brady” (at this point, a video of Brady’s post-Super Bowl parade stumble were shown).

“The Black Hole is back ... With more makeup than Rupaul’s Drag Race” (a number of would-be Raiders’ fans in full face paint were shown).

“Andy Dalton’s back ... Bears’ fans cry, they say Why-y-y” (a group of Bears’ fans who want Justin Fields in at quarterback was shown).

“Jags fans are back ... Just kidding, they never had any” (an empty tailgating spot with the Jaguars logo, folding chairs tipped over, surrounded by tumbleweeds were shown).

“Bills Mafia is back ...They will Fly-y-y-y” (an alleged Bills’ fan crashes through a folding table ... I doubt many Bills’ fans would take this as an insult).

While each of these lines is a little sideways insult at each of the teams, it’s a cheap shot to say the Jaguars never had any fans.

Those were the only teams Anderson referenced in the lyrics.

Anderson wears a Bears jersey during the video, apparently, that’s his team ever since he attended his first game in 2018, according to a post on his Instagram. Boy, hasn’t he been through some stuff in those long three seasons?

The video ends when Anderson turns a corner and winds up on a set reminiscent of the Super Bowl halftime show performed by The Weeknd in February.

It’s just another lazy jab at Jaguars fans, who continue to support the franchise despite only one playoff appearance in the past 13 years. Well done national media, you’ve earned your reputation again.

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