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Video shows Dr. Oz racing to save collapsed woman

Dr. Mehmet Oz was appearing Thursday morning at The Avenues Mall

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Dr. Mehmet Oz jumped over a railing Thursday morning at The Avenues Mall  to attend to a woman who collapsed while attending his "The Good Life" presentation.

A woman standing on the second level at the mall watching Oz speak, collapsed and people began yelling, "We need a doctor! We need a doctor! This isn't a joke."

WATCH: Dr. Oz jumpd into action to save collapsed woman

Oz climbed over a small wall and railing behind the stage to reach the staircase and rushed up to help the woman.

"By the time I got up there, they had surrounded her," Oz said. "They witnessed her fall. She fell forward without resisting at all. She didn't just faint slowly, she went out."

He thought maybe it was a seizure or something serious. He took her pulse and it was fairly stable and listened to her heart with with his ear.

"I didn't hear anything crazy happening there," Oz said.

"She saw me, she said 'Dr. Oz?' I said, 'Ma'am, you've passed out.' I asked her a couple of questions. 'How old are you? Do you remember what happened?' She has no recollection of what happened."

Paramedics came and stabilized her neck and took her to the hospital. Her family said the woman had a CAT scan to make sure everything is OK. 

"The ABC's of necessitating someone, is making sure their airways are open and that they are breathing and then a pulse," Oz said. "Which is what everyone should get from this: Go get a first aid class, it's the simplest thing you can do and you can save lives. Most people die in front of their family."

After the medical emergency, Oz returned to the stage and continued his presentation.

"I was up with this woman for 10-15 minutes. I didn't want to leave her until other medical personnel were there to help out," Oz said, complimenting the crowd of people who had come to hear him for patiently waiting. "They were kind enough to wait, so I certainly owed it to them to get them the rest of the presentation."

IMAGES: Dr. Oz appears at The Avenues Mall
UNCUT: Melanie Lawson's interview with Dr. Oz

Oz, America's most famous cardiothoracic surgeon and Emmy award-winning host of "The Dr. Oz Show" and national wellness expert, spoke to a standing-room-only crowd at the mall, sharing tips for a healthy lifestyle with those in the audience.

His presentation covered how people can sleep better, cope better and achieve the body they've always wanted.

News4Jax anchor Melanie Lawson joined Dr. Oz to answer audience members' health questions following his presentation.

"He seems sincere and he gives very practical ideas that we use," said one woman who attended. "Everybody can try to be healthy."

After his talk, Oz walked through the entire audience to connect with the people who watch his show every day and and pose for photos.

"WJXT Channel 4 is deeply committed to serving our local community," said WJXT president and general manger Bob Ellis. "We are proud to bring Dr. Oz and his message of health and hope to our dedicated viewers and users of News4Jax."

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