Davis Shores community cleaning up after Hurricane Dorian

Some homes dealt with flooding as storm swept East Coast


JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Among the neighborhoods that saw the most significant effects of Hurricane Dorian was Davis Shores on Anastasia Island in St. Johns County.

Davis Shores was devastated by flooding during Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma. This time, the area flooded again.

As Dorian swept the coast Wednesday, many streets in Davis Shores were underwater. A day later, the streets were dry, but some of the homes were still saturated.

Jill Nicolino and her son, Caz, were cleaning up and gutting their two story home. The storm brought 6 to 8 inches of flooding to the neighborhood.

"We moved here right before Matthew, so we've been here three-and-a-half years. So my son has been through three hurricanes. Lost his room three times, so this is it," Nicolino said. "We're not coming back to this house."

Nicolino's boyfriend, Tom Boyle, was also there cleaning up the mess Thursday.

"Got a quick surf in and came back and just went at it. The local firefighters came by and helped us back down into the place," Boyle said.

The Anastasia Island neighborhood, which is near the Intracoastal Waterway, is prone to flooding when storms roll through. Most homes were OK after Dorian, but some people's garages were wet.

Businesses on the main roads nearby remained high and dry. On Thursday, owners and employees were opening back up after boarding up.

"It was worth it," said Ryan Kunsch, owner of Sarvez Arcade. "Definitely a lot of work, but a good trial run for the next time because you know it's going to happen again."

Most people describe their brush with Dorian as fortunate, but for those who were affected, the headache is just beginning.

"Buying the house was probably the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life," Nicolino said. "You live and learn."

Nicolino said she's focused on renting a place where she can temporarily live with her son.

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