Adventures in Gods Creation collecting donations for Bahamas

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Help is returning to the Bahamas after relief efforts were temporarily suspended ahead of Humberto.

The islands were spared the worst of that storm but hundreds are still missing and many are homeless after Hurricane Dorian hit roughly two weeks ago.

The storm flattened neighborhoods leaving residents with no food, water and shelter. To help, many organizations including Adventures in Gods Creation, are collecting donations and raising money.

Adventures in Gods Creation in Jacksonville Beach is working with other relief teams to collect donations and get supplies to some of the hardest-hit areas in the Bahamas.

Planes have dropped off supplies where a bridge washed out, cutting off access to airports. By ship, the American Red Cross sent supplies from its warehouses.

The organization also has teams on the island and in South Florida to help evacuees who come to the US. It is committing an initial $2 million to help the relief efforts.

“That allows them to start purchasing locally. Really important to stimulate that economy. It’s really important that the individuals get some kind of dollars that they can start purchasing things again,” said Christian Smith with the American Red Cross.


 United Way

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross and the United Way said the best way to help is to donate monetarily to make sure the islands get the resources they need as the recovery efforts continue.

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