Day 2 of the 2020 equinox nor’easter

Even windier Sunday but fewer showers

.Sunday, 9-20 forecast
.Sunday, 9-20 forecast (.)

Look for fewer showers with a 40% chance through the day primarily near coastal areas and especially around St. Johns, Flagler and Putnam counties.

Sunday brings the highest winds gusts before letting up just a touch to around 20-25 mph.

Minor river and beach flooding is possible with late morning high tide at the beach around noon on the river.

Monday and Tuesday get a break in the rain with only isolated showers- much drier arrives Wednesday.

Cooler nights ahead with the start of Fall Tuesday as lows dip in the 60s and highs in the upper 70s.

. (.)

Those northeast winds stay strong with gusts to 40 mph and waves crashing near 10 at the beach.

Looking back at Saturday, several areas along the coast experienced tropical storm force gusts in the 40s. Over 3 inches of rain fell in St. Johns county with nearly 5 inches in St. Augustine near Treaty Park.

Saturday wind gusts (.)
Saturday rain totals (.)

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