TGIF! Brisk morning temperatures return!

Jacksonville’s temperatures are finally cooling to be “normal”

Coolest morning in weeks

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Record heat on Thursday will be the last of the near summer-like days. Thursday had a high of 90° we will see about a 35° drop in temperatures as we wake up on Friday morning. Normal morning low is 56° we should be there in the morning.

Winds begin to shift from the southwest to the northwest and then, this weekend, to the northeast. As we make the transition, we will have a window of super sunshine and blue skies.

The Gaughan Gauge will be a “10” on Friday.

Waking up in the 50s Friday morning, despite super blues skies (sunny) we will only see an afternoon high in the low 70s. These dry, cool conditions will set-up a quick cool down Friday evening as temperatures will drop quickly through the 60s and then back into the 50s as we wake up Saturday morning.

Unfortunately winds will shift to blow onshore and this will bring coastal clouds, bigger surf, and gustier winds later in the day. We can’t rule out a a few coastal showers into Sunday morning. Sunday morning temperatures will be not as cool, wake up temperatures will start on the mid-60s.

Sunday will see milder, southeasterly winds that will pump up our afternoon highs close to 80°. A few showers will be possible.

Early next week, cold, yes, cold temperatures will be possible, 40s seem likely by Tuesday morning.

Sunrise Friday low temperatures
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