Cool with patchy fog tonight, wet weather for the New Year

Jacksonville’s weather forecast turns soggy for 2021

Turning chilly with patchy fog

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today was lovely, warming into the upper 60s and low 70s under sunny skies with a light breeze. Tonight will turn chilly with patchy fog. Temperatures will get down into the upper 30s over inland areas and the low 40s over coastal areas.

Tuesday morning’s patchy fog clears quickly. Expect sunny skies and temperatures climbing into the cool mid 60s. Winds will be out of the northeast between 5-10 mph. Expect increasing clouds during the evening hours and mostly cloudy skies overnight with temperatures sinking down into the mid 50s.

Wednesday starts off in the mid 50s and warms into the mild low 70s under mostly sunny skies. Expect a warm breeze out of the southeast between 5-10 mph. We will see increasing clouds again during the evening hours.

Thursday, new Year’s Eve, we will see more clouds, making for partly sunny skies, but temperatures will be warm, topping out in the upper 70s. Winds will be breezy, out of the southeast, between 10-15 mph.

For New Year’s Eve fireworks, temperatures will be in the upper 60s, winds will be out of the southeast at 11 mph, and clouds will cover 77% of the skies, with only a 20% chance for a shower.

Friday, the first day of 2021, doesn’t look that great. We wake up in the mid 60s and warm up into the upper 70s under mostly cloudy skies and a good chances for showers (60%.)

Saturday looks like the wetter day of the weekend with 50% chances for showers and temperatures topping out around 70°. Sunday will be sunny and chilly, only topping out in the low 60s.