Heat Advisories are in effect for much of the area

Afternoon feel-like temperatures will be 105-111°

Heat Warning for Tally (Expected feel-like highs there will be 108-112°)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Heat is what summer is all about, but sometimes we see a spike and get into dangerous levels of heat. Often times that level of heat is extended and can easily take a toll on you. Even, if you work principally indoors.

The heat dome over the Southeast United States is going to expand throughout the weekend.

Westerly winds will also help pump up the heat, including to area beaches.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will start off with abundant hazy sunny skies and morning sunrise temperatures 75-80°. Combined with the high levels of humidity, morning feel-like temperatures will be around 85°.

Yep, right out of the gate we will be seeing stifling heat.

Before lunch, feel-like temperatures, in the shade, will be near 100°. The heat will be most impacting along area beaches and in Southern Georgia.

Just as temperatures peak in the mid-afternoon, 94-98° with feel-like temperatures 105-111° we will see “pulse” storms.

Pulse storms can be dangerous as they rapidly form, sometimes in less than 30 minutes and are associated with intense lightning.

We will discuss more on these storms later.

By Sunday evening more widespread storms will help break the heat and bring back the rounds of afternoon storms we have seen so often this summer.

On Friday a sea breeze may cool beaches with a breeze
A few intense storms
Brutal between 12 noon through 7 pm
Fry-Day plus hottest weekend of the year?