Northeast winds for Labor Day Weekend

St. Johns, Putnam, and Flagler counties will have the highest threat.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Ida really unloaded on the Northeast United States Wednesday night, some of the heaviest rainfall totals throughout Ida’s entire inland track took place between Philadelphia and Boston. Dozens died in flash flooding. A few locations saw as much as 10″ of rain, in a matter of hours. This illustrates the amazing deep layer of tropical moisture that surrounded Ida and allowed for the 3rd fastest rapid intensification over the past 50 years.

Historically, there is precedence for this kind of catastrophic rainfall event after a super powerful hurricane weakens while moving inland. Back in 1969, hurricane Camille came ashore Mississippi and then turned into the Appalachian mountains and unloaded. Flooding wiped out towns. Nelson County Virginia, in particular, 124 people died from flash flooding.

Ida’s remnants have now completely moved away and our Thursday evening rains are fading away.

But now, something very special will happen.

Our winds will shift to be out of the northeast.

Before we get concerned about a wet nor’easter (something that is very common in the first few weeks of September) we instead will see a subtle but important shift to drier conditions. These drier conditions will be most notable in the early morning hours.

Starting on Saturday morning, many inland and Georgia folks will be waking up to sunrise temperatures in the.... are you ready? In the 60s!!!


The downside will be?

Coastal communities and southern counties will NOT be so lucky as these same northeasterly winds will keep morning temperatures steamy and there will be an increasing chance of clouds and maybe some coastal downpours as soon as Saturday.

We will watch out for those rain chances, but for now let’s enjoy a mini-mini-taste of fall.

Georgians will start in the 60s this weekend
Cooler mornings for inland areas.