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Google working on Android successor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Google may be working on a secret operating system that could eventually kill off Android. 

Bloomberg reports more than 100 engineers at Google are working on an experimental software project that could eventually replace Android and Chrome OS with a single, cross-platform operating system for all Google devices. 

The project, known as Fuschia, is meant to overcome the limitations of Android as more personal devices and other gadgets come online. 

Coice command and artificial intelligence will be put front and center by the new operating system.  

The hope is for the Fuschia to run all in-house gadgets, like phones and smart speakers, as well as third-party devices relying on the Android system or Chrome OS. 

Engineers will start with smaller devices and plan to move into bigger devices like laptops. 

Fuschia could give Google more control over its software. It will have tighter security measures and more privacy than Google's existing operating systems. 

At the moment, Android, which was developed when touchscreens were first being used, is not built to handle the type of voice-enabled apps that Google sees as the future of computing.