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‘Nightmare before Christmas,' ‘You are fired!’ Your reactions to the 2020 election

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Politicians weren’t the only ones reacting to Saturday’s news that the Associated Press and other news organizations projected former Vice President Joe Biden to win the U.S. presidency.

We asked you to summarize the 2020 election using three family-friendly words. And you didn’t disappoint, as we got loads of reactions on News4Jax and our social media platforms.

Here are all the responses that were fit to print

Bananas…absolutely bananas. — Anonymous

One big joke. — Anonymous

Nightmare Before Christmas. — Dana

Lying cheating Democrats. — Kristi

It is over. — Heather

Thank you Lord. — SK

Long but historical — Anonymous

Painful but amazing. — Betty

Joe Biden Wins! — Andrea

Historic. Unprecedented. Cathartic. — Umsami

Annoying, frustrating, stupid. — Jonathan

Mainstream media creation. — The American Mullet

Trump is moving. — Roberta

Sad American Day. — Tiffany

Needs an audit. — John

You are fired! — Glori

Typical 2020 day. — Angel

46 46 46 — Rodrick

Crunchy, salty, spicy. — David.

There’s an election? — drvj

End of democracy. — Robert

God bless America. — Anonymous

Pack your bags. — LJ

Enjoy your weekend! — Jesse

Not America’s choice. — Jonathan

It’s finally over! — Jasmin

America was cheated. — Matt

What a relief! — Ronnie

Not over yet. — Natalie

Unity, positivity, promise. — Claudia

America is screwed. — Krystal

One word: unresolved. — Ron

Shut up, man. — Valerie

What a mess! — Justin

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A Florida transplant with Midwest roots, Garrett Pelican is the digital executive producer for News4Jax.