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Slow delivery, canceled pickup, recall and retirement IQ

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Is it Friday already? Where did the week go? Yes, I usually show up in your inbox every Thursday, but there was a hiccup on our end. So here I am!

Hope everyone is enjoying this weather, some good football and, hopefully, you have some fun plans this weekend. We’ve got a full slate of consumer news for you, from delays in snail mail to recycling pick up on pause.

Let’s get to business.

We already call it ‘snail mail’ 📮

Get your holiday cards ready early this year because the United States Postal Service says it’s going to take longer to get there. Plain and simply USPS admits they are not running efficiently and are losing billions of dollars every year with the way operations are currently running.

One of USPS’s solutions? Push back the delivery timeline.

So now it’s do-it-yourself recycling in Jacksonville 🚮

Speaking of delays, if you live in Jacksonville, don’t expect your recycling to be picked up anytime soon. Starting next week, the city says they’re focusing on trash and garbage, citing a staffing shortage. You can still recycle but you’ll have to drop it off yourself at designated locations around the city.

Parents beware 🚼

More than 3 million Boppy newborn loungers are being recalled after they were linked to eight infant deaths. Wondering why the product wasn’t recalled earlier? Turns out companies have the final say.

Too young for retirement? 💰

All right let’s have sohttps://www.news4jax.com/features/2021/09/23/with-all-these-new-mattresses-out-there-which-are-good-which-are-a-good-buy/me fun. Are you ready for retirement? Maybe not in age or assets, but do you know enough? Test out your retirement IQ. Eight out of 10 people failed this quiz.

Other consumer news this week 📰

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