I-TEAM: Carvana faces Monday deadline to submit information to state

State has threatened to suspend company’s license to sell cars in Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Monday was deadline day for online auto retailer Carvana, which could be suspended from selling cars in the state of Florida.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles demanded Carvana submit all of its title applications for any sale the company made prior to Dec. 1, 2021, by Monday.

Consumers have complained to the state about long delays in getting their titles and registrations for cars bought from Carvana.

Under law, you should get it in 30 days.

A state spokesperson told the News4JAX I-TEAM that they are still working on getting updated information from Carvana, which faces additional administrative action and even the possibility of suspension.

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When asked what Carvana has been doing to fulfill the state’s request, a Carvana spokesperson told the I-TEAM: “We regularly have proactive and constructive dialogue with DMV officials who share our goal of making car buying and selling as easy and fun as possible for customers. As evidenced by our industry-leading customer experience ratings, we, and our many Florida teammates, remain committed to delivering even more exceptional car buying experiences to our Florida customers.”

The I-TEAM also asked Carvana what customers in Florida should know about the company and the car buying experience moving forward.

“Carvana has bought and sold well over a million cars with customers while achieving an industry-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) and a 4.7 out of five star customer experience rating average, and will continue delivering best-in-class experiences for our customers. We also remain firmly committed to continuous improvement and will stay hard at work making the best car buying and shopping experience available even better,” the spokesperson said.

At Jacksonville’s Carvana dealership on Monday, there were only a handful of vehicles in the “vending machine” that typically showcases various makes and models of cars. And in the vehicle inspection and restoration area, News4JAX didn’t see any vehicles at all, but we did talk to potential customers who came to see the dealership themselves. Aimee Dowling and Michael Skip both told the I-TEAM that they’ve been following the news around Carvana’s deadline to submit all of its title and registration applications to state highway officials.

Dowling said she would not buy a car from Carvana right now.

“But I’ll wait to see what happens in 60 days,” Dowling said.

Skip told the I-TEAM that the threat of administrative action worries him, saying the titling process for customers should not be complicated.

“It worries me because this is something that should be done quickly. You took my money, quickly. I should be able to get my title quickly because you have no problem taking my money,” Skip said. “You have 30 days for a title. How can you not do that?”

The I-TEAM also continues to hear from Carvana customers who said they’ve received multiple temporary license plates while they wait for their registration.

A viewer named Catherine emailed the I-TEAM, saying: “I bought a car in November, and haven’t been able to get a tag or registration for it. The bank is now sending me letters saying they need a title. And all of a sudden Carvana’s ‘executive team’ have taken over my case.”

On Carvana’s Reviews and Experiences Facebook Page, customer Terri writes: “8 months and no title, tried to do a buyback/exchange on Friday and the car had been wrecked, it had a clean Carfax. I learned I am the 2nd person Carvana has sold this car to, and they already have it pre-sold again without a title.”

News4JAX is still waiting on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ official response as to whether Carvana has met its deadline to submit information and whether the online retailer faces suspension or administrative action in Florida.

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