I-TEAM obtains bodycam video showing traffic stop involving Jacksonville rapper Julio Foolio

Footage shows prosecutor arriving at scene

The News4JAX I-TEAM obtained body camera video showing a controversial traffic stop involving a Jacksonville rapper.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The News4JAX I-TEAM obtained body camera video showing a controversial traffic stop involving a Jacksonville rapper.

Charles Jones, who is known as Julio Foolio, was arrested in April on suspicion of fleeing and eluding police and a window tint violation.

Julio Foolio’s attorney is calling the stop unlawful. In the video, a prosecutor shows up at the scene, and Julio Foolio’s attorney believes it was not a coincidence the prosecutor arrived after he was pulled over by an undercover gang unit. The State Attorney’s Office says it’s normal for prosecutors to show up at crime scenes.

The body camera video starts with undercover gang unit detectives surrounding his car.

“Stop reaching! Stop moving!” a detective says.

Another detective says, “Get your hands up!”

The I-TEAM spoke with retired Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Detective James Brown.

“Sometimes it’s not normal for unmarked units to stop a vehicle for a normal traffic violation such as window tinting, seat belts,” Brown said. “That’s usually left to patrol units.”

Julio Foolio’s arrest report shows he continued driving three blocks at 20 mph before stopping near Division and West 18th streets.

In the video, he can be seen getting out of the car roughly 30 seconds after detectives surround the vehicle carrying two other people.

“Put your G** d*** hands out! What’s wrong with you?” a detective says.

The arrest report shows detectives saw someone rummaging inside the car.

“It appears the fleeing and eluding charge may have been him trying to maneuver inside the car,” Brown said.

In the video, Julio Foolio walks backward with his hands up after stepping out of the car.

Detective: “Come here. Come back to the sound of my voice.”

Detective: “Get back here. Get back here, man!”

Julio Foolio: “Man, what?”

Detective: “Because.”

Julio Foolio can be seen being pushed against a truck.

Detective: “Stop, stop f****** resisting.”

Julio Foolio: “Aright, alright! Ah! You’re fixing to break my hand, bro.”

Then the prosecutor can be seen at the scene.

“This is the (inaudible),” says the prosecutor as she points to something inside the car.

In the video, she looks inside the car but doesn’t appear to touch anything.

The I-TEAM asked Brown if it’s unusual for a prosecutor to show up to a traffic stop on suspicion of fleeing and eluding police and a window tint violation.

“No, actually they will have prosecutors that will show up on what I would call a classified, maybe as a high-profile case, or a case that is involving murder or some serious felony,” Brown said.

In the video, the prosecutor walks over to a detective.

Detective: “How do you want me to put that in? Personal property? He said evidence?”

Prosecutor: “Yes. It is evidence.”

Prosecutor: “We have circumstances right now where his action (inaudible).”

Another detective: “Cameras are still on.”

Detective: “Yes, my camera is still on.”

Prosecutor: “It’s absolutely fine.”

Detective: “OK, so it’s evidence?”

Prosecutor: “Yeah, it’s evidence.”

Detective: “That’s all I need to know.”

Prosecutor: “As well as the phones.”

Detective: “We’re taking the phones, as well?”

The prosecutor can be seen nodding yes.

Detective: “OK.”

Julio Foolio’s attorney filed motions saying the prosecutor is a witness in the case who actively participated in the search, seizure, investigation, interrogation and arrest.

The State Attorney’s office argues she can’t be a witness because she wasn’t there when the traffic stop itself happened.

In the video, while Julio Foolio is in the back of the patrol car, a detective asks him about his best friend’s murder.

Julio Foolio: “What’s going on?”

Detective: “Alright, so I didn’t want to bring it up, I know you’re going to be upset, um, [News4JAX is omitting the friend’s name], some detectives want to talk to you real quick about what happened to [News4JAX is omitting the friend’s name].”

Julio Foolio: “How long is that supposed to take?”

Detective: “Not that long. They’re just going to ask you about what you know about what happened to him. That’s all.”

After questioning, Julio Foolio learns in the footage he’s staying in custody.

Julio Foolio: “So it was just for the questioning, right? I was just down here for the questioning?”

Detective: “No, you’re going to jail.”

Julio Foolio: “For what?”

Detective: “For fleeing and eluding.”

Julio Foolio, 24, is on house arrest.

His attorney says nothing illegal was found in his car during the traffic stop. He also says Julio Foolio doesn’t have any previous convictions.

Investigators say he’s a documented gang member known for his rap videos with details about Jacksonville murders.

A spokesperson for the State Attorney’s Office sent this statement to the I-TEAM on Friday:

“For certain crimes such as homicides or arrests involving individuals associated with violent crime in our community, it is routine practice for prosecutors to respond to crime scenes and assist law enforcement investigations. This assistance may include interviewing witnesses, collection of evidence, and processing crime scenes.

“The prosecutor in this case is a highly regarded attorney whose conduct was well within the bounds of her role legally, professionally, and ethically.”

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