3 students accused of rape on Terry Parker campus

17-, 18-, 19-year-olds face sexual battery, other charges

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Three Terry Parker High School students are accused of luring a female student into the field house and sexually assaulting her last Thursday, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office report.

The victim, who is identified as a female between ages 12 and 16, said one of the suspects approached her after lunch and invited her to the field house. A second, then third suspect joined them on the way. Once inside, she said one of the boys began to touch her and said "get ready," then all three of them forced her to perform sex acts.

The girl told a teacher immediately after the assault, and that woman called the principal and School Board police. The victim was given a forensic medical examination.

Police detained Nicholas Evans, 18, and Nicholas Oliver, 17, at the school on Thursday. The third suspect, Lavell Benjamin, had already left for the day and could not be located.

Evans and Oliver were booked Thursday on charges of Lewd and lascivious battery and encouraging a person under 16 to engage in sexual activity. Evans is also charged with producing computer pornography.

Benjamin, 19, came in for questioning Monday, accompanied by his mother and a lawyer. He was questioned, then arrested.

News4Jax has confirmed that Evans and Oliver played on the Terry Parker Braves football team last fall.

Students react

Students at Terry Parker told News4Jax that they are shocked after learning three classmates are now in jail, accused of gang-raping a female student on campus.

"I think that it's kind of shocking and it's a little upsetting to know that something like that goes on so close to where we come to school. And it's supposed to be a safe place," said sophomore Nicole. 

Some students were not as surprised.

"I've heard of things like that happening. Not usually in the field house but sometimes," said sophomore Andrew.

The incident has even taught a lesson to other students.

"Because you have to be careful who you hang out with, who you associate with, because what they may seem like to you may not be who they really are. If someone can do something like that to another person, who's to say what else they could do," said Nicole.

Mother of accused teen speaks out 

Maria Tomlin, the mother of Evans, told News4Jax that her son is not a rapist. She describes him as a smart kid who has been accepted to three colleges. 

"My kid is a straight A student, who is going to college, that got accepted to three different colleges. Nobody says that. And (he) works two jobs and does everything he can to help somebody," Tomlin said.

Tomlin said her son told her a different story about what happened. 

"There was a text sent to these boys from the so called victim and the boys were already off campus," Tomlin said.

Tomlin said the incident occurred after school but police reports say it happened during lunch time.

Duval County Public Schools released a statement Wednesday about the incident:

Upon learning of a recent incident at Terry Parker High School, school officials immediately informed Duval County School Police and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. An investigation was conducted and subsequent arrests made. Duval County Public Schools and school administration will continue to cooperate fully with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office as this incident is still under investigation.

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