Need a special needs shelter? Register now on city's website

The same goes for anyone who has special medical needs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Ahead of Hurricane Dorian, it’s important to think about those who may need help preparing.

Older adults and those with special medical needs may have difficulty keeping themselves safe and healthy during a hurricane. 

Most counties in Northeast Florida, including Duval County, open shelters to accommodate those with special needs.

Duval County urges people to register well in advance on its website. You can sign up and make an account. You can also email the form or call the Emergency Preparedness Office at 904-255-3110.

The application does require basic personal information and details about medical needs. If you have already registered in previous years, you are required to re-register every year. 

Once your application is reviewed, you will be assigned a shelter or hospital. A caregiver or family member is required to go to the shelter with the special medical needs client. 

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