'Professional cuddling' studio opens in Jacksonville

Want a hug? This unique business will help, but it'll cost you

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Ever feel like you just need a hug or a good cuddle?

A professional cuddling studio just opened in Jacksonville. 

“It’s total platonic touch, and it can fill that void of being held and feeling that human connection,” explained Cozy Up Studio owner Joni Eitzmann.

When you enter the studio on Old Kings Road South, Eitzmann will be the first person to greet you.

Cuddle sessions are booked by appointment only, so Eitzmann is prepared for the client before they get through the door.

Then comes the paperwork. 

“We just want people to understand that it’s fully platonic touch,” Eitzmann said.

Included in the paperwork: You must be over 18, clothes must stay on at ALL times, and personal hygiene must be practiced. 

Eitzmann makes sure to explain that while they encourage clients to open up about their feelings, they are not licensed professionals. 

The cuddling industry is relatively new and regulates itself. The company is only required to have a business license from the city of Jacksonville. 

The cuddling is said to help those with depression and anxiety. 

Here is the breakdown: 

  • First Time Visit: 30 min | $25 - Let's get to know each other followed by 15 minutes of cuddle time.
  • 30 Minutes - 30 min | $40 - Take a break and enjoy a quick cuddle or a relaxing mid-day nap.
  • 45 Minutes | $55 - Unwind a little while.
  • 1 Hour | $70 - Enjoy an hour to refocus through cuddles.
  • 90 Minutes | $110 - Get your Cuddle Cup ready to overflow!
  • 2 hr | $140 - Snuggle in while watching a movie or taking a long nap if you would like.
  • 3 Hours | $200 - Cuddle like you mean it!

So, what would you do for three hours?

“It depends on what the client would like,” Eitzmann said. “We can watch TV; we can cuddle, play a game, play cards, color, adult coloring books.” 

There are three rooms a client can choose to spend their time in. 

One room has an oversized bean bag chair with a TV. Another room has a bed. Then there is the cuddle pit. 

“This is our cuddle party room,” Eitzmann said. “We hold it once a month and anyone who would like to meet other people, cuddle other people -- it’s really about practicing consent, and, Do you want to cuddle?' Yes or no.”

Eitzmann said she didn't have a specific reason for opening the unique business, other than seeing the need for human contact.

“Sometimes people truly just want to watch a movie with a friend and cuddle. So that’s what were here for,” said Eitzmann.  

Still curious? If you're over 18, click here to make an appointment. 

Cozy Up Studio
9310 Old Kings Road South, Suite 701, Jacksonville, Florida 32257, United States 904-718-6502

The studio is open from 11 a.m.-8 p.m.

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