Community considers neighborhood watch after death of 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey

Mass service held for Tristyn Bailey

It’s been one week since 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey was murdered by a classmate in her Durbin Crossing neighborhood.

Since then, there’s been conversation of forming a neighborhood watch. One person in the neighborhood told us they do feel safe and it’s one of the reasons they moved there, but this situation has made them stop and think.

A post in a Durbin Crossing Facebook Group reads, “Maybe it’s time to start an organized neighborhood watch.”

We spoke with a woman anonymously who says it’s up the folks living there.

“What I think is most important is that our children and parents work together,” said the anonymous person.

With so many woods in the area, some residents tell News4Jax it’s hard to watch for everything that happens.

The Executive Director of First Coast CrimeStoppers said neighbors have to step up.

“Knowing your neighborhoods, knowing the woods and knowing the people that live in the neighborhood,” said Wyllie Hodges.

Other neighbors said they know their kids play in the woods.

Like this post from a person who says, “there are many hidden places where kids are going to hang out..” and asks “Is there a way for us to get a list together so we are all informed and somehow stop this from happening?”

“What I believe we need is curfew. We definitely need to have a Durbin curfew. But if you see a child you notify somebody,” said the anonymous person.

“Basically, you really need to restrict your children to where they are playing and how far in the woods they can go and what areas. That’s all very hard to do but if you really really want to protect them you’ve got to know where they’re at,” said Hodges.

Though many say this case has shaken their neighborhood, they want to come back stronger to protect everyone.

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