Arraignment delayed for Nassau County man accused of killing family members

Judge says mental competency evaluation needs to be completed first

William Broyles faces three counts of second degree murder. Investigators say he shot and killed his wife and two adult children inside their Callahan home three weeks ago.

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – Attorneys for the Nassau County man accused of a triple murder of his family were scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning for his arraignment, but it was put on hold after a judge said that they couldn’t go forward with the case because they are awaiting the results of a competency evaluation.

William Broyles is accused of killing his wife, adult daughter and adult son at their home in Callahan on Dec. 1.

He was placed on suicide watch after his arrest. During his first video appearance before a judge shortly after the murders, Broyles appeared in a padded green smock typically used on inmates who require more personalized attention or who are high-risk.

It will be unlikely that Broyles will make any other physical appearances, as a judge granted his attorney’s request to waive appearances.

His attorney also filed a notice saying that Broyles exhibited signs of incompetence and is having him evaluated. If Broyles is found to be incompetent, the trial would be put on hold, and he would be sent for treatment to try to make him competent.

The arraignment is scheduled to continue on Jan. 27 at 11 a.m.

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