Things are already heating up in the Jacksonville mayor’s race

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The city election isn’t until March 21, but already we are seeing the race for Jacksonville mayor heat up. There are a number of people who want the seat, and already commercials are airing.

The first negative ad to hit the air for the upcoming mayor race is about Republican candidate LeAnna Cumber. The ad was paid for by Republican candidate Dan Davis who is also running for mayor.

“I envision this getting relatively ugly,” UNF public opinion researcher Michael Binder said. “Certainly on the Republican side, where there’s so much more money and there are at least two really competitive candidates.”

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Binder said we can expect to see more negative ads soon. The two are not the only people running for mayor. Ten people have filed as candidates.

Binder believes this March election may be more like a primary. Even though it’s non-partisan, meaning the election is for all sides, no matter what party -- Binder sees Davis and Cumber fighting it out for the Republican vote. Former TV news anchor, Donna Deegan, and former State Representative Audrey Gibson will be battling for the Democrats vote. With this first election in March, someone will need 50% plus one vote to win. Otherwise, the top two will go to a runoff in May.

Binder said the issues are going to play an important role. He said confederate monuments and the Jags will probably be on the forefront.

“We’re gonna be talking about monuments. I imagine that’s going to be an issue that gets discussed,” Binder said. “But, more importantly, where did these candidates sit on funding a new stadium?”

We will start hearing about that in the very near future.

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