News4JAX readers say they want Gov. DeSantis to focus on guns, cannabis and housing in second term

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was sworn in on Tuesday in Tallahassee for the start of his second term.

In his first term, DeSantis prioritized issues that polarized the state, including controversial stances on immigration, LGBTQ issues and the coronavirus pandemic.

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As his second term begins following a landslide win, what are the key issues you would like to see the DeSantis administration focus on? We want to hear from you. Tell us by filling out the form below.

Shortly after the question was asked of viewers, more than a dozen News4JAX readers responded. Their answers were diverse, but a couple of key issues stood out.

When asked what he wants to see during DeSantis’ second term, Mitch Slater said: “Open carry firearms, abolish conceal weapon permits.”

DeSantis didn’t talk about that issue on Tuesday, but last year, Gov. DeSantis vowed to expand Floridians’ ability to carry firearms following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that expands and protects the Second Amendment. So that could be on the horizon.

Another News4JAX reader said: “Legal Cannabis”.

Again, that wasn’t one of the topics addressed Tuesday, but when asked about marijuana legalization last year, DeSantis didn’t offer a definitive answer, Florida Politics reported. But he did say he doesn’t want the “pungent odor” that the plant emits in the state of Florida. Marijuana is fully legal in 18 states and medical marijuana is currently legal in Florida. There are also two proposed initiatives to put recreational marijuana back on the ballot in 2024.

Another News4JAX reader said she wants, “Limits on the amount landlords/property management companies can charge for rent increases. My landlord sent me a lease that had a 31% increase. I was able to negotiate it down to 18%, which is still very high.”

High rent and cost of living issues have been at the top of Floridians’ minds over the past year. DeSantis touched on one way he plans to address the high cost of living during his inauguration speech.

“Florida has accumulated a record budget surplus and we need to enact record tax relief, particularly for Florida families who are grappling with inflation,” DeSantis said.

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DeSantis also pushed for the legislature to pass property insurance reforms with the aim of helping homeowners save money, while Democrats have called for more to be done, including rent control.

DeSantis, who focused on freedom in his Tuesday speech, said other priorities during his second term will include conserving Florida’s natural resources and defending children against those who ”seek to rob them of their innocence.”

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