Former Channel 4 personality Virginia Atter Keys dies

Atter co-hosted "Midday" with the late Dick Stratton, along with other shows

A former member of the Channel 4 family has died.

Virginia Atter Keys was a big part of our television station in the early years.

Many viewers might remember her from her days co-hosting “Midday” with the late Dick Stratton (pictured together) or the “Open House” talk show.

In the early years of Jacksonville television, Virginia Atter was known as the first lady of television.

“What I like about remembering is the newness of it all. And the willingness to try,” Atter said.

Atter said her favorite gig was her old singing show called the “Virginia Atter Show.”

With live TV, she said she didn’t think the audience minded the goofs.

“We were naive in many ways. We were young, weren''t we?” she said.

Atter said she enjoyed the simplicity of television in the early years.

“When we did the talk show, it was the boy scout, women clubs, people of the community,” Atter said.

In her later years, she spent time walking on the beach and gardening. She enjoyed being recognized for her work in television.

“It makes me feel good to be remembered,” she said.

Virginia told her family that she did hot want her age to be disclosed after she died. 

She is survived by her husband, James, her three sisters and numerous nieces and nephews.