Jacksonville Image Awards nominations now closed

File photo of 2020 Jacksonville Image Awards (WJXT 2020)

It’s that time of the year again: we’re collecting your nominations for the Jacksonville Image Awards.

The annual awards, presented by the Porter Firm, recognize outstanding achievements in the African American community, whether they’re from lifelong educators who have found unique ways to reach the city’s youth or young people who are leveraging social media followings into substantive social progress.

Nominations are open from Nov. 21 through Jan. 3. Once we’ve collected your nominees, we’ll put them to a vote. The voting period is set to end on Jan. 31.

Here are the award categories:

The ‘Be The Change’ Award: This award recognizes individuals who, having succeeded against immense odds, herald change and prosperity to enhance and enrich the world. They overcome obstacles to show that, through hard work and humility, societal change is possible.

The Pinnacle Award: This award recognizes those who have achieved professional accomplishments throughout an extensive career and are role models for others to attain similar success.

The ‘One To Watch’ Award: This award recognizes individuals who are quickly establishing themselves and making an impact in their particular field or industry.

The Music Excellence Award: This award recognizes individuals for their exceptional achievements in music, having made a tremendous impact with their creative works that have helped shape the local music scene.

The Innovator Award: This award recognizes individuals who creatively challenge the norm by introducing mainstream culture to avant-garde ideas and making a social impact in their respective industry.

The Education Excellence Award: This award recognizes outstanding commitment to the academic development and improvement of a system or community in an effort to enhance the lives of future generations.

The Trailblazer Award: This award recognizes pioneers who inspire others to follow their path to greatness with innovative ideas that challenge the status quo.