Rance and Jana visit Diva Dance

Rance and Jana hit the floor with the team at Diva Dance! Owner Jasmine shares,” As a mom and a Navy veteran, I brought DivaDance to Jacksonville in July 2021 because of the shared values and mission of providing dance fitness classes in a space that offers adults of all shapes, sizes, shades, and experience levels a unique form of exercise and choreography!  Introducing DivaDance to Jacksonville has been a new favorite confidence boosting, booty shaking, heels optional, hair flipping, inclusive, FUN cardio option for adults. It is my passion and vision to give every client power and attitude in their individual style of dance while unleashing their inner goddess in a safe, fun and encouraging environment. And people are responding like crazy - we already have over 1,000 members of our private Facebook group and more than 100 members! Oh! And did I mention you can be a star in our music video series and dance team performance program - This is a perfect opportunity to level up your DivaDance experience as you’ll learn, polish and perfect one full routine that will culminate in a professional video shoot. Be part of our upcoming recital and perform LIVE for friends and family. Whether you’ve performed in a million recitals growing up or never had the chance to put on the tutu and all the makeup, now is your chance to be part of an unforgettable experience -  and there’s no experience or audition required! Please check out our website for details to sign up!”