Push to clean waterways with Operation Plastic Pollution Purge

American Sailing Association asking boaters to be on look-out for plastic

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The American Sailing Association is asking boaters to be on the lookout for any plastic they see out on the water. The campaign is called, ‘Operation Plastic Pollution Purge.’

Through the campaign, the association is asking boaters to take less plastic out on the water and pick up any plastic in the water to be brought back and recycled. 

Brian Record frequently goes out on the water. He said he picked up several pieces of plastic over the weekend while kayaking.

“It was surprising to see that,” explained Record. “It’s a beautiful creek to enjoy nature and all of a sudden its beer cans and water bottles.”

According to the American Sailors Association, there are roughly 18 million pounds of plastic that make their way into the ocean each year. To tackle the problem, they are encouraging boaters to pick up any trash they find in hopes of protecting the environment and marine life.

Tony Jones, the owner of Windward Sailing in Fernandina Beach, said they remind boaters to pick up any plastic they find.

“We don’t actually in our area find it all that much,” said Jones. “I think it’s because we don’t have as many people but in some places, it’s really bad.”

Jones said if everyone does their part, it will go a long way.

“If everybody that’s out, all boaters, when they see plastic pick it up, it would really help,” said Jones.

Some docks do have recycling bins by the water for boaters to dispose of any plastic they find.

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