The little low pressure that could

Weekend is looking better and better from an unusual source

Drier days ahead

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It was a wild weather Thursday evening in Northern Clay and Duval counties. Although there were numerous counties under severe thunderstorm warnings, Exact Track 4D didn’t see the two categories for severe thunderstorms actually take place. Hail greater than an inch (at the surface) and / or winds at or above 60 mph were never recorded. Nor were there any significant reports of trees down or wind damage. All good things.

Not-so-good were the intense rains that flooded parts of Blanding Boulevard. Oakleaf, Argyle Forest, Ridgewood, Lakeside all saw tremendous amounts of rain. Some backyards had more than 4″. Much of it in a one hour period from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

That was then, today, Friday, we will again see heavy storms.

But with a twist.

A low pressure that the National Hurricane Center has been monitoring will roll off the Georgia Coast and this will cause our winds to veer into the northeast. Northeast winds will help fire off thunderstorms, and they will then push them inland. This means, storms Friday will be mainly west of I-95. Friday’s temperatures will start off around 75° and quickly top off around 90°. Northeast winds will develop and gust up to 15 mph (outside of thunderstorms).

Plus, our Friday storms will continually move inland so that both Saturday and Sunday will be generally dry in the Jacksonville area.

Ok. Maybe not dry. Just a few scattered showers or thundershowers will push onshore all the while the “Little Low Pressure that Could” will spin just east of Daytona throughout the weekend.

Looking drier, sunnier
Inland Friday Storms