Florida families spend more than 20% of income on childcare

Florida ranked as one of the most costly states

American families face hefty living expenses every day across the U.S., but among those, childcare has become a particularly pricey responsibility.

Florida is no different, costing families more than 20% of their income in professional care for young children alone.

Business Insider took a closer look at childcare expenses per state and found the Sunshine State ranks in the costlier half of all 50 states.

The website examined the latest data from Child Care Aware of America and found that Florida families spent around $3,345 on childcare before and after school in 2018. That means that, on average, married couples with two children spend around 21.1% of their annual income on childcare centers like day cares and preschools.

New York ranked No. 1 as the most expensive state in the country for childcare. Families there with two children paid around $12,064 in 2017. That equals 27.5% or more than a quarter of an average family's annual income spent on children's care facilities.

Meanwhile, Mississippi managed to be the cheapest state. Families spent only $1,987 on childcare in 2018 -- the lowest price in the country at only 13.7% on the family's annual income.