Tiny cameras hidden in coat hooks could be recording you

Clothes hook camera has pinhole-sized lens that can record unsuspecting victims

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Police across the country are warning people about a tiny camera that is cheap, easy to buy and could be used by voyeurs.

The clothes hook camera can be installed anywhere without wires and has a pinhole-sized lens that can record unsuspecting victims. 

It's great for people trying to catch a thief, but sometimes, the microscopic lenses are used for malicious purposes as a viewpoint for voyeurs. 

While the camera itself is legal, it's already been linked to crimes. Florida police have already found the coat hook cameras hidden in bathrooms.

The clothes hook camera comes with a battery and tiny memory card and costs less than $20. The devices are being sold by major retailers, including Amazon and Walmart. 

John Jordan, who runs the Spook Tech Spy Shop on Atlantic Boulevard, said hidden cameras can even be placed in clocks, pens, ties and can openers. 

"A camera can be put anywhere and in pretty much anything," Jordan said.

Jordan told News4Jax Wednesday that it's now easier than ever to get secret surveillance.

"Now, you can get cameras that have night vision. They can see everything in a dark room," he said. 

For those worried about the cameras, there's good news. There's also a device that uses a laser to help spot the hidden cameras, and it can be purchased for about $50. 

Police are warning people to be careful, especially in public bathrooms and changing rooms. 

Recently, Jacksonville Beach photographer Mario Peralta pleaded guilty to using a hidden camera to record teenage girls as they got changed at his studio.

It’s a scary warning for what could happen.

News4Jax contacted Amazon and Walmart to see why they sell the devices and if they plan to continue selling them, but has not yet heard back.

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