What does Code Red lockdown mean for Jacksonville schools?

Shooting prompts safety lockdowns at 3 Arlington-area schools

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Thursday shooting in Jacksonville's Arlington neighborhood sent a 17-year-old charter school student to the hospital and plunged three nearby schools into lockdown.

The shooting played out shortly before 2 p.m. on Lansdowne Drive, not far from Terry Parker High School, Arlington Middle School and Parkwood Heights Elementary School.

While the incident had parents on edge, particularly after Wednesday's mass shooting at a high school in South Florida, Thursday's incident was relatively minor.

The lone victim was hospitalized, but he was expected to survive. No one else was hurt, despite a stray round that struck a window at Parkwood Heights.

Still, the incident prompted this question: What does it mean when a school enters Code Red lockdown? Here's how Duval County Schools Police Chief Micheal Edwards put it:

“Normally in situation like this, where we go into Code Red, all classes will go into lockdown," he said. "My officers will immediately respond to the school and we will secure the front and make sure that nobody enters that school. As we bring additional officers, then they will take additional positions at that school."

"That's Code Red," he added.

Edwards said his staff answered Thursday's call immediately. They then placed all three nearby schools on lockdown. Afterward, they dispatched additional officers and sought backup from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, which helped secure the scene and provide aid to the victim.

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