JFRD could take over fire services in Jacksonville Beach

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – More fire trucks could soon be seen driving around Jacksonville Beach with the Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department moniker.

The city of Jacksonville could take over fire services in Jax Beach if both cities decide it's the best option. According to a spokesperson with the City of Jacksonville Beach, the discussions have been ongoing for about 10 months.

In the most recent draft, Jacksonville Beach leaders were still considering whether the cost savings would be enough and if the level of service to residents would be acceptable. The 31 Jacksonville Beach Fire Department employees would be offered positions with JFRD as long as they met current standards for employment.

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The draft shows pay, benefits and pensions were still being negotiated, and a spokesperson for Jax Beach said it's hard to tell whether response times would be affected. The fire department stations are located on 2nd Avenue South and South Beach Parkway.

The city of Jacksonville Beach said it would still find a way to offer the free services it currently provides, like free child seat and smoke detector inspections. Jacksonville Beach City Council is expected to take up the discussion by late February.