Dozens attend town hall after Zechariah Presley acquitted of manslaughter

KINGSLAND, Ga. – Dozens packed an emergency town hall held Friday evening, days after former Kingsland police Officer Zechariah Presley was found not guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of Tony Green.

The Camden County jury that had deliberated for nearly three days found Presley guilty of violating his oath of office. Presley will be back in court for a sentencing hearing Oct. 18.

Pastor Mack Knight attended the town hall Friday night. He and others said they believe the shooting is a sign of a racial issue within Kingsland and Camden County.

"We're not offering hate. We are just trying to offer white and black: Let's come together and combat these racist situations," Knight said.

Knight said he's concerned that some people have racial prejudices and perceptions that cause others to mistreat minorities.

Jacksonville activist Diallo Sekou traveled to Kingsland to support the cause.

"People around the country need to support this thing and get to know the case of Tony Green," Sekou said.

Others voiced their personal concerns about being safe around police officers. Their belief is that Tony Green didn't have to die the night he ran from police.

"He didn't deserve to die. He didn't deserve to be killed in the street like an animal, and we will continue to push and fight until justice is served," Knight said.

On Thursday, a small group of peace protesters spoke out by stopping traffic, standing in the middle of Highway 40 during the morning rush hour, chanting - "Justice for Tony Green."

After Friday's meeting, the group agreed to hold more protests against injustice and said a call to equality is coming. The group said it plans to hold future prayer ceremonies and community rallies for Green and that ie never wants another incident such as the one between Green and Presley to happen again in Camden County.

Green's family is moving forward with a civil suit against Presley.

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