Woman who helped Brianna Williams move stunned to learn child is dead

Tiffani Nicole says she helped Brianna Williams move but never saw her daughter

Tiffani Nicole says she helped Brianna Williams move but never saw her daughter.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After prayers and searching for 5-year-old Taylor Rose Williams, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office confirmed everyone’s worst fear Monday — Taylor’s remains were found in rural Alabama. Sources told News4Jax the remains of the child found were skeletal.

The announcement came nearly three weeks after Brianna Williams moved from the southside of Jacksonville to the Brentwood area and then called police to report Taylor missing.

The woman who helped Brianna Williams move, Tiffani Nicole, was stunned Monday to learn the child was dead and told News4Jax she is seeing the move in a whole new light as details about the case continue to spill out.

Tiffani Nicole met Brianna Williams through a Craigslist request where Williams wanted to hire someone to help her move for $250. Nicole and her fiancé took her up on the offer and went to an apartment on the Southside where Brianna Williams lived with her daughter.

As Nicole and her fiance moved boxes, Brianna said there was child in the home, but Tiffani said she believes that was a lie.

“I never saw or heard a child in the house,” Nicole said in a phone interview Monday. “She had mentioned to my fiancé, he said, that she had a daughter in the bathroom and he heard water running. But, again, never heard or saw a child, either of us.”

Nicole said Williams stayed in the back room of the apartment and didn’t say much during the move.

Nicole described the apartment as disgusting. It had a musty smell and there was old molded food on the floor, she said.

When everything was loaded up they came to the house in Brentwood. Nicole said that’s when things got a little more bizarre.

“When we left and got to the house on Ivy Street, that’s when she was really weird for me cause she went straight from her car to the back of this concrete two-car garage thing and just sat in the back with her phone in her hand. She wasn’t talking to anybody,” Nicole said.

Once the move was done Williams paid $50 more than expected.

Now that Nicole knows something suspicious was happening, she believes Williams tried to use her and her fiance’ as alibis in the case of her missing daughter.

Nicole is saddened that the little girl that she never saw is dead, and she hopes whoever is responsible for her death will be found.

“I hope justice is brought for this little girl because her life was taken way too short and she could’ve been an astronaut, a doctor, you know," Nicole said. "She had her whole life ahead of her and it’s sad that it was cut short by some scum bag, whoever they were, and to continue to lie or hide and not come forth with what happened is even more sad.”

No one has been charged with murder in connection to Taylor Rose Williams’ death.

JSO said Brianna Williams is not cooperating with investigators.

Williams is due in court Dec. 4 where she faces charges of child neglect and giving false information to law enforcement.

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