Violent streak continues: 1 dead in triple shooting in Arlington

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As the Arlington neighborhood works to address a spike in violent crime, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said three men were found shot in a home in the community Wednesday night.

One man, police said, died in the shooting. The two others were said to be in life-threatening condition.

According to Sgt. Vorpahl, with the Sheriff’s Office, the three men were found shot inside a home on Mansion Road near Sandhurst Road South after 8:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Vorpahl said the victims were ages 33, 34 and 52. There was no information released about a suspect, who police were looking to track down.

Before Wednesday night’s shooting, 10 people had been shot in the area over the last week. This incident brings that number to 13.

That count includes when a man was shot in his car Wednesday. The victim said he knew the shooter and JSO said it is now looking for the person of interest.

And earlier Wednesday morning, a man was shot on Jasper Avenue near the intersection of Arlington Place Road in the Woodland Acres neighborhood.

City leaders spoke out about the violent streak in Arlington after a father of six was shot and killed Saturday morning while visiting his family on Oaks Plantation Drive.

That shooting came just a week after a man was killed and a 7-year-old was injured in a shooting during a youth football game in Arlington. Police said at the time the two could be father and son, but never officially confirmed the information.

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