Investigators searching for answers in Nashville bombing incident

FBI and Tennessee investigators are trying to figure out who drove an RV into downtown Nashville with a bomb inside that exploded.

Preliminary findings suggest that it was likely a suicide bombing.

Some Nashville news media is saying that a 63-year-old man is a person of interest, but the FBI has not confirmed.

Throughout the day, police have been searching the home of the man trying to gather evidence.

The Christmas Day explosion has left destruction on several city blocks, and large to microscopic evidence is everywhere.

“It’s quite a challenge,” said Donald Cochran, U.S. Attorney for Middle District of Tennessee. “Having been up there and seen that scene, it’s like a giant jigsaw created by a bomb that throws pieces of evidence across multiple city blocks. They’ve got to gather it, they’ve got to catalogue it, they’ve to put it back together and try to figure out what the picture of that looked like.”

According to investigators, hundreds of tips have been called in.

Surveillance video captured someone driving the RV into downtown Nashville.

People who live in this historic neighborhood will see police and federal investigators for weeks, with some saying they heard what sounded like gunshots a few minutes apart.

Six Nashville police officers arrived and then a pre-recorded message could heard saying “If you can hear this message. Evacuate now.”

Three people are recovering in the hospital. Human remains were also found but its unclear if its the same person driving the RV that destroyed a section of downtown Nashville on Christmas Day.

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