Plan on buying chicken wings for the Super Bowl? It could cost you 26% more this year

Super Bowl parties are expected to cost more this year, thanks to rising inflation. News4Jax reporter Brianna Andrews has tips from a financial planning expert on how to recover after breaking the bank this weekend.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Inflation is intercepting Super Bowl parties.

Chicken wings alone are running as much as 26% higher, steaks are up 23%, and hamburgers are up 17% more than last year, according to a report from Wells Fargo.

“It’s like way more than what it was last year it’s crazy,” said Jacksonville resident Jeff Cooper.

“It’s kind of shock every time you go to the store. My plan is to go to other people’s place and eat their things and nachos,” said Kitty Gundelfinger.

U.S. inflation climbed to its highest in 40 years last month.

To avoid blowing the bank Gundelfinger is making a personal sacrifice.

“I used to eat breakfast every day. I no longer eat breakfast and I fast until 1 o’clock so I save on a meal,” said Gundelfinger.

If you want to treat yourself on special occasions like the Super Bowl, you can. But certified financial planner Jeffrey McDermott advises cutting back on all unnecessary expenses.

“There may be some things in your budget that are easier to sacrifice not as important during the day or during the week. That may be the first place to look,” said Jeffrey McDermott, CEO of Create Wealth Financial Planning.

These high food costs are linked to supply-chain issues, an ongoing problem since the start of the pandemic.

There’s still no expected date when things will return to normal.

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